Waves Founder Announces Waves 2.0 Plan with New Stablecoin


Key Points: Waves founder Sasha Ivanov published the Waves 2.0 plan.
The plan calls for achieving 1,000+ tx/second on L1 by using a probabilistic consensus mechanism PoS mechanism, full decentralization, multichain EVM L2, Power DAO Platform, SafeFib – DeFi models based upon predictable behavior and wind/return rate, and the launch adaptive DAO-governance-based stable coins.
Sasha Ivanov has previously stated his intention to introduce a new stablecoin. Also, a USDN scenario resolution plan will be implemented before.
Waves is experiencing a liquidity crisis due to the lingering crypto winter. Therefore, for a potential new step, Waves 2.0 will be planned to solve this problem.Waves founder Sasha Ivanov released the Waves 2.0 plan, which includes achieving 1,000+ tx per second on L1 using a probabilistic consensus PoS mechanism and keeping decentralization, multi-chain EVM L2 fully, connecting to different L1’s, not only Waves.Next, Ivanov introduced the Power DAO platform, SafeFib – DeFi models based on predictable behavior and wind/return rates, and the launch of adaptive DAO-governance-based stable coins with 100% predictable behavior in all market conditions.Previously, Sasha Ivanov announced that he would launch a new stablecoin. A USDN situation resolution plan has been set in motion before. He also announced a plan to aggressively decentralize, including the creation and donation of $10 million in governance tokens.
“The amount WAVES in USDN contracts is not sufficient to impact the price – even in the worst case scenario where all WAVES were drained. Neutrino has not created any new WAVES tokens or inflation. Ivanov stated that there is no way to drain the contract completely or in a single day.”
The Neutrino community also voted to approve the proposal for USDN being transformed into a multi-collateral asset and a soft peg. The following Waves ecosystem tokens will back the stablecoin: The following Waves ecosystem tokens will contribute $15 million to the Neutrino backing. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: https://linktr.ee/coincuWebsite: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: EVMNeutrinoPower DAOSafeFibSasha IvanovStablecoinUSDNwaves


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