Web3 communication app follows Twitter with $12.5M seed financing


Sending Labs was founded by Dolphin developers, who launched the first Android-based mobile browser in 2011. News Collect this piece of history. The developers of Dolphin, one of the first Android-based mobile browsers, co-founded Sending Labs. Sending Labs’ new offering aims to allow privacy-preserving communications and ensure ownership and transfer digital assets within community chats. Sending Labs announced the seed funding on February 16th and launched its first two messaging products, SendingNetwork (now in beta) to help developers build social decentralized apps and provide access to a decentralized group chat platform. Users can monetize their projects through smart contract payments, trading protocols using a wide range of methods such as peer-to-peer exchanges, community marketplaces and crowdfunding. Sending Labs announced that Twitter had banned third-party clients and that millions of FTX users have been barred from withdrawing assets. This has put decentralization back in the spotlight. Joe Yu, co-founder of Sending Labs, and CEO, stressed that Web3 is the first step to restoring data ownership to the user. Mason Yang and MoboTap were the founders of Sending Labs, which developed Dolphin, an Android-based mobile browser. The browser was voted one of the top iPhone and iPad apps in 2011, with over 200 million users from the United States, Europe, and Japan.


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