What does CZ’s sudden visit to Albania mean?


Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, also known as “CZ”, recently posted a photo in which he appears to be in Albania. He is there with Prime Minister Edi Rama, and the RNS.ID team. RNS.ID describes itself as the first digital ID platform that is sovereignty-backed.
Crypto Endeavors by CZ
Although it is not known why CZ visited the country in southern Europe, the Binance CEO suggested that he was expanding his crypto efforts by saying that “pushing crypto adoption never ceases”.

This Saturday, I met with His Excellency Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania. Pushing crypto adoption never ceases. pic.twitter.com/tabwbYCLRT
— CZ? CZ???? Binance (@cz_binance), November 26, 2022

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CZ has been on a recent visit to several countries to encourage crypto adoption and innovation.
CZ has visited countries like the UAE, Brazil, Uruguay and El Salvador in recent years to promote cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


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CZ is not the only one, the RNS.ID team is also with the Albanian Prime Minster, as you can see from their most recent tweet.

With @cz_binance & Prime Minister @ediramaal in Tirana pic.twitter.com/scYQNOrawu
— RNS.ID ? (@RNS_global November 26, 2022
RNS.ID, a crypto project built on Binance’s BNB chain can facilitate the country’s digital ID offering. This follows the team’s success in the Republic of Palau.
CZ visited Palau in June to kick off BNB Chain ID NFTs. He was also introduced to the Root Name System (RNS), Digital Residency program developed by California-based Cryptic Labs.
About Cryptic Labs
Cryptic Labs, a pioneering institute for blockchain research and commercial accelerator, focuses on fundamental issues in blockchain technology, such as security, privacy and trust.
Albania’s Crypto Push
In 2017, Edi Rama, the prime Minister of Albania, met Vitalik Buterin (the co-founder of Ethereum) to discuss the possibilities of blockchain technology for Albania. Mr. Rama also traveled to Malta to attend the Blockchain Summit. He spoke about the need to attract blockchain companies to Albania.
The Albanian government has also taken steps to create an environment that welcomes cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses. Albania’s 2018 legislative passed a law that recognized cryptocurrency as a legal currency. This action sent a clear signal to the blockchain industry that Albania is open for business.

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