Worst Metaverse Tokens this Week: ApeCoin and The Sandbox


Worst Metaverse Tokens this Week:
All coins in the Metaverse ecosystem have responded negatively to today’s news. Major coins such as ApeCoin and The Sandbox have seen a significant drop in value. As of the last 24hrs, there was no significant gain or loss in crypto market.
Sushi Swap is the worst loser, with a drop of 13.35% over the last 24 hours. WEMIX is second on the list, with a drop of 10.75%. With a double-digit increase of 18.28%, WeWay is the biggest gainer.


The Metaverse ecosystem’s total market cap is 100.17 billion USD, a drop of 0.05% over the previous day. Trading volume has fallen downwards by 23.59%.
Worst 3 Tokens in Metaverse Chain
ApeCoin (APE).
ApeCoin fell by 2.88%, and each token is now worth 3.95 USD. ApeCoin’s market cap is currently at 142.06 trillion USD. Trading volume has also fallen by 11.91%. In the last 7 days, the coin has fallen by 4.50%. Source: coinmarketcap
The Sandbox (SAND).
Every token of The Sandbox sells for 0.5813 USD, a discount of 3.82%. The market cap currently stands at 871.31 million USD. Trading volume has decreased by 15%. It has fallen by 0.06% in the last seven days. Source: coinmarketcap
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Decentralization (MANA).
The Decentraland token currently costs 0.3947 USD. This is a decrease of 2.77% over the past week and 5.07% today. The trading volume has dropped by 27.28%. The market cap currently stands at 732.95 trillion USD. Source: coinmarketcap
The coins in the metaverse ecosystem have seen a significant dip in the past 24 hours and a slight dip in the past 7 days. It will be interesting to see if these coins recover or fall further.


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