XRP Lawsuit May Not End in Settlement; Here’s Why


The global crypto community eagerly awaits a conclusion to the long-running XRP lawsuit. The court has yet to issue a Summary Judgment in this case. However, XRP holders’ lawyer dropped his prediction about what could be the end to the Ripple Vs SEC suit.
Settlement for XRP lawsuit
Amicus Curiae Attorney John Deaton released a Twitter poll to find out what the users think about the outcome of the XRP lawsuit. It is expected that the settlement will be reached by 60% of voters. However, the XRP lawyer disagrees.


Deaton stated that he believed a settlement was possible a year ago because the US SEC didn’t give up its claim over Hinman speech drafts emails. The commission renounced its claim and submitted the documents to Ripple, Defendants.

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The XRP lawyer now believes that the XRP lawsuit would be decided by Judge Analisa Turres.
Are Hinman Docs the key to unlocking the door?
According to the Attorney, if these emails were valuable to Ripple and could cause damage to the SEC, then the commission should have settled before turning them over. Ripple, however, didn’t do that and is now citing the Hinman emails as part of its opposition briefs.
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The SEC has asked the Judge to seal Hinman’s doc. It is up to Judge to decide if these emails and docs will become “judicial documents”. The judge can direct the SEC to file these memos on the public docket, with some redactions.
He said that Judge Torres may not rely upon the Hinman Emails and drafts in the ruling, and will accept the appeal of the SEC. These memos are only relevant to the cross-impeachment, as the Judge has already indicated.

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