ZOOMEX organizes the World Cup Campaign with Leo Messi signing a prize


ZOOMEX announced that it will organize a ZOOMEX World Cup campaign where participants can win Messi’s signed jersey. Participants will be able pick the winners of individual matches. If they are correct, they will have a greater chance of winning the prize. The prize is an exclusive signed jersey by Leo Messi for Argentina’s World Cup team. ZOOMEX is proud to announce that their founder, Mr. Amos received a mysterious gift from Leo Messi. The gift is his exclusive signed jersey for Argentina World Cup team. Leo Messi The text was originally written in Spanish on the jersey.
After receiving the signed jersey from Messi, Mr. Amos, founder of ZOOMEX, stated that “Messi was a great player, and this gift is very valuable, ZOOMEX will continue supporting sports, serve our clients well, and wish Messi all the best in the 2022 World Cup.”
Messi has made it clear that the 2022 World Cup will not be his last. Messi’s talent is evident in the 2022 World Cup signed jersey that he gave ZOOMEX. The founder decided to offer customers the chance to own the jersey by taking part in the ZOOMEX World Cup Predict campaign. ZOOMEX is a growing exchange, founded in 2021 in Singapore. It offers customer-oriented services and a cryptocurrency trading platform using high-tech blockchain technology. ZOOMEX aims to be different from the rest by being a company that values its customers. They believe that this technology will help increase assets’ value and prosper. It works to protect customers’ assets and provide the best online trading platform under their trust and creation values in a changing cryptocurrency market. They are also active investors and have a passion for sports. They have been the official sponsor of Villarreal in LaLiga and have also become partners with many leagues such as Serie A. Today, ZOOMEX cherishes this gift from the GOAT Messi very much and would like to share it with you.Currently, Zoomex holds US MSB License and Canada MSB License.ContactInformation about the $5 World Cup Welcome Bonus can be found at the bottom of the official ZOOMEX Rewards Hub. You can also connect with them via Twitter. It does not represent the views of Crypto Daily and is not intended to be used for legal, tax, investment or financial advice.


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